Health Care

My opponent and I agree that we need to reform our health care system. The rules we’re living under were written in 1943 and need to be updated. But we have radically different ideas about how to achieve reform.

My opponent wants to end employer-sponsored health plans and abolish private insurance. He also wants to end Medicare as we know it. He and his party want to repeal private insurance and Medicare as we know it and replace it with a Soviet-style socialist single-payer, government run plan.

I have the opposite approach. I believe you can not only keep your plan but pay less and have more choices with better benefits. To do that we need to modernize our health system so that all workers in our 21st century economy enjoy the benefits as those in traditional jobs. We turn patients into shoppers and equip them with buying. Reforms creates choices it doesn’t take them away.

Patient choice isn’t an option; it’s a right.

I know a fair amount about health care because I was paralyzed from the waist down in a serious car accident in 2014. I believe I’m alive today because we don’t have a single-payer system, which invariably rations care, limits choices and lowers quality.

The problem is not that the free market has failed in health care. The problem is that it has never really been tried. Again, the rules regulating health care were written in 1940’s. Since then, we’ve had third parties – insurance companies and government bureaucrats – standing between doctors and patients.

We need patient freedom, choice, competition and price transparency. That’s the best – and only – way to drive down costs.

P.J. O’Rourke had it right: If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it’s free.


Helping Western North Carolina emerge from this once-in-a-century pandemic will be my top priority in Congress. We have to do everything we can to protect the health of our residents, especially those who are most vulnerable, and provide resources to our front-line medical workers. We also have to ensure we have an economy left to restart. We need to be guided by science and common sense, not politics.

Congress has taken critical steps to protect our health and our businesses included three critical steps:

  • Economic impact payments. Congress provided direct aid rebate checks in the amount of $1,200 per person and $500 per child.
  • Increased unemployment assistance. Americans received an additional $600 per week on top of regular unemployment benefits. This benefit also applied to independent contractors or “gig economy” workers.
  • Small business paycheck protection loans. Congress provided $350 billion to help small businesses keep workers employed during the lockdown.
Congressional Reform/Draining the Swamp

I can’t wait to get to Congress to help President Trump finish the task of draining the swamp. Modern Washington represents itself and special interests. It’s time for DC to represent us – We the People.

 The left’s answer is to get money out of politics by forcing you (the taxpayer) to finance their campaigns. The only way to get money out of politics is by getting politicians out of our pockets. Special interests have taken over our capital because the left has taken a special interest in every sector of American life.

There is no quick fix to this problem. Real reform will require hard work and a battle, but our future is worth saving. I will fight every day to restore our founders’ vision of limited government and force the federal government to live within its means. The best and only way to drain the swamp is to reapply the Constitution’s enumerated powers that limit the federal government’s role and power over our lives.

 As Tom Coburn, who led the successful campaign to end earmarks, or pork-barrel spending, once said, the perfect political moment for change in Washington is always a mirage that is just beyond the horizon of the next election. For my generation, and for all Americans, the perfect political moment is now.

Social Security

For the past 85 years, Americans have poured millions of taxpayer dollars into the Social Security program. We have paid into this program on a promise. The promise that one day, when we were old and needed support, our federal government would return to us what we had given to them.

Unfortunately, since its inception, funding for Social Security has been siphoned and squirreled away by self-serving politicians. According to the nonpartisan Social Security and Medicare Trustees, the Social Security trust fund will be depleted by 2035. This estimate was assembled before COVID. Many experts are concerned that date has moved up significantly.

I firmly believe that Americans should not be punished for the failures of career politicians in Washington. And Social Security must be protected from big spenders who would weaken it with reckless socialist programs like government-run, single-payer health care and the Green New Deal. 

Social Security is not an entitlement that Americans simply expect to receive. Rather, it is a program that our countrymen have poured their time, effort, and taxes into building. We deserve its promised rewards.

Budget and Spending

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. But I’m not going to let the perfect be the enemy of the achievable. I’ll fight for this goal on two tracks. While I’m fighting for a constitutional amendment, I’ll work to modernize and fundamentally reform our three-letter agencies that control too much of our lives and our economy. We need to shift dollars and authority out of Washington, D.C. and relocate functions to states and regions. We need put agencies like the IRS, EPA, HHS and DOE in their place. They work for us. We don’t work for them. 

 We can balance the budget, downsize and reimagine federal agencies, keep taxes low, limit regulation, and turn the entire country into an Opportunity Zone that empowers local communities and entrepreneurs in western North Carolina and all over America.  


A Path Forward:

I am a firm believer in legal immigration. At the Republican National Convention, I spoke about retaking the Shining City on a Hill. Presidents from both parties, including Reagan and Kennedy, have used that image to describe America. Reagan said that city had to have walls but doors that will be open to people with the will and heart to come here legally. That’s why I would summarize my immigration position as “walls and doors.”



Our immigration system is in crisis. Along with thousands of illegal immigrants flooding across the border, our nation also faces a looming threat from the illegal drug trade. A porous border is the first step towards losing the American dream, the very dream that motivates men, women, and children each year to enter this country legally. We need to secure our borders and we need the rule of law.

Human trafficking and enslavement are the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the world. Here, in Western North Carolina, the cartels have a major influence on the drug trade. North Carolina, as a whole, ranks 6th for most kidnappings nationwide. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with border patrol agents, leaders of ICE, and border sheriffs. I sat with these modern American heroes and asked their opinion on the American border crisis. In Congress, I will fight tooth and nail to shine a light on the evil of modern day slavery. Human trafficking must be stopped.



America has always been a land of opportunity, and this nation continues to stand as a beacon of hope for millions around the globe. We lawfully admit over a million immigrants each year, which far exceeds other countries. I firmly advocate for legal immigration, and I believe that the American dream will always beckon to those who seek to come to the land of the free.


As a constitutional conservative, I believe there are two areas where federal spending is clearly appropriate – national defense and infrastructure. Our founders gave Congress the ability to regulate interstate commerce because they knew our country would only be strong with a vibrant free-market capitalism supported by infrastructure. One of my top priorities will be helping WNC connect to broadband internet. We also need to upgrade our roads and bridges and energy infrastructure for the 21st century.

National Defense

The Cornerstone of Security:

The strength of our armed forces is the bedrock of U.S. national security. A robust and cutting edge fighting force not only assures America’s allies of our unwavering support, but also promotes peace and prosperity globally.

America’s military cannot afford to buckle in the face of many emerging geopolitical threats. Radical terrorism, nuclear proliferation and Russian aggression will face no check if this nation’s armed forces falter. I will make military strength a top congressional priority and seek to furnish our armed forces with the tools they need to effectively and safely promote peace and democracy on the global stage.


Peace Through Strength:

America’s military is a tool for peace. Our nation’s armed forces together represent one of the greatest diplomatic tools ever created.

Career politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden decry the size and strength of American military might. What they fail to understand is that rogue dictators and socialist leaders only understand one message, strength. And when the strongest military force ever created sits across from them at the negotiating table, they listen. If America were to become weak and allow its military to fall into disrepair, then nothing would stand between the western world and the wolves of fascism, socialism and marxism who lurk just beyond the light of freedom.


I am a pro-life advocate. Life begins at conception and the protection of life ought to begin at conception as well. The current system of infanticide can no longer be tolerated under any legal or scientific standard. 

Babies born as early as 20 weeks gestational age have gone on to be healthy, normal children. But it is perfectly legal to have an on-demand abortion until 26 weeks gestational age. These children, who would be able to survive outside the womb, are being brutally murdered simply based upon their arbitrary location in their mother’s womb. This is not a right or left issue, this is an American Epidemic. The U.S. is 1 of only 7 countries worldwide that allow abortions after 20 weeks, and 75% of Americans want new limits on abortion.

From a legal perspective, Roe vs. Wade was based upon the belief that 26-week old babies, who could not survive outside the womb were not human. Current science disagrees even with the most die-hard abortion advocate. Late-term abortions do not protect someone’s rights, rather they strip the most innocent of us from the one right they possess, the right to life.

I will fight tirelessly to advocate for the rights of the unborn in the halls of the powerful. Their voices will not be silenced in Washington.


The bond of brotherhood between the United States and the State of Israel has been solidified for over 60 years. The mutual respect both nations hold for democracy, human rights, and religious freedom has created an unwavering alliance fueled by individual liberty and a dedication to the rights of all mankind.

Israel, as a nation-state, stands as the one ally in the Middle East that the U.S. cannot afford to replace. As the last bastion of democracy in a war-torn and tumultuous region, Israel represents both an ideal ally, in terms of values shared, and a necessary partner in America’s march towards securing a peaceful region.

This moment in time represents a crucial turning point in U.S.-Israeli policy. America cannot afford to take a back seat on regional issues that impact Israeli citizens abroad and American citizens at home. As a wave of tyranny sweeps across the Middle East, propagated by religious extremists, it is incumbent upon both the United States and Israel to stand resolute together and face the coming storm. This nation cannot afford to allow nations like Syria or Yemen to become hotbeds for terror; this nation cannot well afford to ignore the growing geopolitical threat originating from the Iranian regime, and this nation has very little hope of effectively solving these problems without help from our one ally in the region, Israel.


We can solve these threats and others by:

1. Supporting the President’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

I support President Donald J. Trump’s powerful and important decision to follow through on the promises of our U.S. Congress and implement the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995. Jerusalem has always been Israel’s rightful capital and I am honored to support the President in his action on this issue. The day that Donald Trump announced the move, I was in Israel on a holy tour. I was able to witness first hand the joyous response from its citizens and saw just how impactful such a move can be in bolstering U.S.-Israeli relations.


2. Ensure Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME)

If all of Israel’s enemies in the region laid down their arms, the conflict between them and Israel would cease immediately. If Israel were to lay down their arms, there would be a genocide. It is because Israel’s very survival is tied to military superiority that I support the approval of the US-Israeli Security Memorandum of Understanding. It is essential that Israel, our most important ally in the region, has the capabilities and the technology to maintain significant military superiority over its enemies in the region. This imperative ensures that Israel has the most up-to-date missile defense systems and cyber capabilities, as well as guaranteeing joint training exercises between the Israeli and U.S. armed forces. This would benefit our country in a number of different ways, (1) supporting America’s military-industrial complex, (2) guaranteeing a military edge in the region, as Israel and the U.S. often work hand in hand on military operations, (3) providing front line deterrence against Iran and its military threat.


3. Reject BDS and the Anti-Israel Narrative

The BDS, or Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions, movement is a propaganda and smear campaign that promulgates inaccurate, incomplete, and illegitimate information throughout college and university campuses in the United States. The goal of this hate movement is to delegitimize the Israeli state and strip Israel of its right to exist as a Jewish state. The BDS must be stripped bare and exposed for what it truly is, a hate movement, dedicated to anti-Semitic rhetoric and destructive to the peace process. This distraction to peaceful negotiations cannot be tolerated in any form. Internationally, the Anti-Israel narrative must be combatted at every turn. Over 80% of U.N. General Assembly condemnations target the Israeli state, the U.N. Human Rights Council, no bastion of human rights itself, has condemned Israel more than the rest of the world combined. I will push back against this Anti-Israel agenda and never rest in my pursuit of equitable and honest treatment of the Israeli people and the state of Israel.


4. Promote Peace and Security

This country has a duty to enable the peace process between Israel and the PA. America is the only nation in the world with the credibility to broker such a negotiation. And although peace is the goal, peace at any cost is not an option. Israel must be guaranteed the safety and security she has long fought for and rightfully deserves. Any final agreement must ensure Israel’s right to exist and guarantee their place in the region as a bastion of hope and democracy. Having traveled through Israel myself, I’ve seen the passion of its hardworking citizens and their urgent desire for peace with their neighbors. America has a duty to work hand in hand with the Israeli people and guarantee the peace agreement that they have so long fought to achieve.


5. Shut Down Mutual Threats

The enemies of Israel are the enemies of America. The Iranian threat has not gone away and will continue to exert influence and cast its shadow over the Middle East. America must work with Israel to combat Iranian overreach and control its influence in the region. Both nations, working together, have a duty to take the fight to groups like ISIS, and Hamas. These purveyors of terror must be held accountable for the destruction of American lives and property. Hamas must be unmasked for what it truly is, a terrorist organization profiting off of the power vacuum in Palestine and siphoning away the rights and liberties of the Palestinian people. This nation must take a stand against terror and tyranny in the Middle East. America can accomplish its goals by focusing efforts on curtailing Iran and taking bold action in the Arabian Gulf. Finally, the U.S. has an important tool, in the form of sanctions, that it ought not to be cautious to use against and Iranian regime that has killed its citizens by the thousands and threatens the safety and security of our ally Israel.


On the environment, I’ll join a new cadre of conservatives led by Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) who are opposing AOC and the Green New Deal with better ideas and real solutions. We are proving that we can protect our natural and economic environment at the same time.

I share President Trump’s view that climate change is not a hoax, and I share his concerns with the reckless and unworkable Green New Deal. The Green New Deal would do nothing to lower global temperatures while decimating already distressed rural and urban communities. I’ll work with President Trump and conservative in Congress to update the 50-year-old National Environment Policy Act that is delaying the deployment of clean energy projects.

I support a technology-neutral “all of the above” strategy that allows the private sector to pick winners and losers. I also support reforming the National Flood Insurance Program and ending reckless bailouts after natural disasters. Families in WNC don’t need to be subsidizing wealthy landowners on the coasts in places like Florida.

Why I’m Running

I decided to run for Congress because I don’t want to raise a family in a country run by left-wing socialists. We need leaders who will stand up and fight AOC, The Squad and the radical left-wing mob.

 My generation is looking for results socialism can’t provide. Socialism only produces shared misery. As a constitutional conservative, I want to apply timeless American principles like freedom, liberty, equality and opportunity to today’s challenges. In a time of peril, we need to rediscover and celebrate these first principles.

 On every issue the left says they care about – health care, the environment and economic and racial justice – conservative ideas are far more likely to produce outcomes that make a positive difference in people’s lives. The left’s record, especially in our cities, is abysmal. It’s no wonder they want to rewrite history.

 I’m also running because our national debt and deficits are a threat to our national security, and my generation’s future. In Washington, there is not just a budget deficit but a deficit of courage. For too long, members in both parties have refused to do the hard work necessary to put our country on a sustainable course.

 The left wants to destroy, dismantle and defund. I’m running because I want to renew, restore and rebuild.