Western North Carolina

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  • Rutherford

The Veterans Fellowship Act

Creates a pilot program at the Department of Labor to help veterans find jobs and gives them a stipend to help while they do their fellowship at the Department of Labor.

The Fly Vets Act

A bill closing the loophole schools were using to extort GI benefits and also expands benefits to allow vets to get their private pilot licenses.

Amendment Funding Broadband Maps

An amendment to the FSGG appropriations bill that beefs up funding for broadband maps, so that we know where to place the broadband and can implement it faster.

First House Member to Call for Invoking the 25th Amendment

First House Member to call for invoking the 25th Amendment following President Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in hundreds of Americans being stranded in the country and created conditions that caused multiple servicemembers to become targets of radical Islamic terrorism today.

House Resolution Condemning the National Archives and Records Administration

Introduced a House Resolution condemning the National Archives and Records Administration for placing a “harmful content warning label” on the founding documents of the United States.

Let Me Travel America Act

Introduced the “Let Me Travel America Act,” which would prohibit the Biden administration from mandating that vaccination against COVID-19 be a prerequisite for interstate travel, transportation, or movement. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) has introduced a companion bill in the Senate.

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