American flag waving in the wind

America First

A government’s primary duty is to its citizens. The role of government begins with protecting the citizenry from harm and ends before those protections violate our liberties. Unfortunately, it seems that in modern America, our government has forsaken its most sacred duty.

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doctor holding stethiscope in hospital


Madison Cawthorn and his opponents agree that we need to reform our health care system. The rules we’re living under were written in 1943 and need to be updated. But we have radically different ideas about how to achieve reform.

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spiked virus


Helping Western North Carolina emerge from this once-in-a-century pandemic will be my top priority in Congress. We have to do everything we can to protect the health of our residents, especially those who are most vulnerable, and provide resources to our front-line medical workers. We also have to ensure we have an economy left to restart. We need to be guided by science and common sense, not politics.

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facade of the United States capitol building

Congressional Reform

Madison can’t wait to get to Congress to help President Trump finish the task of draining the swamp. Modern Washington represents itself and special interests. It’s time for DC to represent us – We the People.

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an older couple sitting, and looking a social security check

Social Security

For the past 85 years, Americans have poured millions of taxpayer dollars into the Social Security program. We have paid into this program on a promise. The promise that one day, when we were old and needed support, our federal government would return to us what we had given to them.

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a piggy bank with a pile of pennies beside it

Budget and Spending

Madison Cawthorn supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. However, Cawthorn is not going to let the perfect be the enemy of the achievable. Madison will fight for this goal on two tracks. While he’s fighting for a constitutional amendment, he’ll also work to modernize and fundamentally reform our three-letter agencies that control too much of our lives and our economy.

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a piece of the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico


A Path Forward: Madison Cawthorn is a firm believer in legal immigration. At the Republican National Convention, Cawthorn spoke about retaking the Shining City on a Hill. Presidents from both parties, including Reagan and Kennedy, have used that image to describe America.

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an overview of a city with a sunset


As a constitutional conservative, Madison believes there are two areas where federal spending is clearly appropriate – national defense and infrastructure.

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American soldier saluting American flag

National Defense

The Cornerstone of Security: The strength of our armed forces is the bedrock of U.S. national security. A robust and cutting-edge fighting force not only assures America’s allies of our unwavering support but also promotes peace and prosperity globally.

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hand holding baby feet


Madison Cawthorn is a pro-life advocate. Life begins at conception and the protection of life ought to begin at conception as well. The current system of infanticide can no longer be tolerated under any legal or scientific standard.

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Israel flag


The bond of brotherhood between the United States and the State of Israel has been solidified for over 60 years. The mutual respect both nations hold for democracy, human rights, and religious freedom has created an unwavering alliance fueled by individual liberty and a dedication to the rights of all mankind.

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beautiful view of mountain landscape


On the environment, Madison Cawthorn will join a new cadre of conservatives led by Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) who are opposing AOC and the Green New Deal with better ideas and real solutions. They are proving that we can protect our natural and economic environment at the same time.

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Election Integrity

A free and fair system of elections is our birthright as Americans. The strength of our Republic rests in our ability to elect our representatives and be confident that our votes are actually counted. We must act now to secure our elections, or else all that we have fought for centuries may be lost.

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Right to Bear Arms

Our Founding Fathers recognized that the only true check on a tyrannical government is a well-armed citizenry. That is why they explicitly acknowledged the right to keep and bear arms in our Bill of Rights and why we must never cede an inch of ground in the fight against gun control.

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